Through the art of storytelling we curate educational zines about our natural rhythms, rematriation, reparations, collective land use and Indigenous stewardship. With the each one, teach one model zines are distributed freely during our programs.

Zines contain a home-harvested Seed packet (unless shipping internationally).

Build community, expand your knowledge, and support us by buying a zine! This is an offering that we encourage our Allies and Accomplices to purchase.

Learn more about working with us to create your own community zine!

 Sales go towards cultural revitalization and spiritual tending of marginalized ethnicities. Your investment is vital to keeping our community in rest. Thank you.


Stay tuned as we transition our zine offerings to audio books, e-books and full workshops! If these interest you contact us and be the FIRST TO KNOW.

____________________WRITINGS + WORKSHOPS + AUDIOS BY___________________

Hibisco_public figure

kuwa jasiri Indomela
pronouns: this one/the one

kuwa jasiri (first name) is a genderqueer, multi-lingual Ghanaian artistic community organizer who, since 2009, educates internationally through zines, writing, Seeds stewardship, and majik. You can find this one engaging in cultural remembering, while organizing affinity gatherings that allow us the space we deserve.

__________ ZINE REVIEWS___________

—> FIRST AIDE TO FACE ADVERSITY14 pages, images in color, $4.first aide cover33/copy

First Aide To Face Adversity is a labor of love co-created by an Herbalist and Street Medic. This beautifully illustrated zine is equal parts first aide primer, herbal reference guide, and personalized notebook featuring bilingual content with page numbers, medical terminology, anatomical and botanical guides in Spanish and English. Its decolonial narrative on health and wellbeing thankfully pries care work from the cold hands of industrialized, white medical hegemony and demands accountability and respect for indigenous practice and worldview.

– Nat, Appalachian Medical Solidarity collective member

Table of Contents: Scene Safety, Basic Wound Care, Burns, Blisters, Basic Splinting, Chemical Weapons, Plant Uses, Response In Español.


pollinator zine coverOriginally made for Mural Arts Pollinator Programs. Adapted for our use this zine is a basic interpretation of Pollinators and their vital role in our ecosystem.

Table Of Contents: Various Types, Contributions, How Pollination Happens, Relationships, Natural Corridors colouring page, Endangered, Extiniction


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