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Our mission is to spread the wisdom of Seeds through tending the wounds of
People Of Heritage (Of Colour) and their land with our programs since 2011.

Our vision is to bring People Of Heritage back into harmony with the Planet through our relationships to Self, our Ancestry, Nature and each other.

We seek to increase and sustain accessible wellness services and education to People Of Heritage in Nucchu Territory, ‘Colorado’ with our nature based lifestyles approach, adapted from Indigenous cultures, which promotes leadership, respect, accountability, mutual aide, creativity, and cultural revitalization.

Through such initiatives as artistic writing, Ancestral gardening, Seed stewardship, affinity gatherings, apprenticeships, celebrations, indigenous foods, theatre, educational literature and illustrations (zines) we aim to assist our underrepresented community in sovereign-self-realization. Over the last decade, our focus is trauma informed care, therapeutic techniques, cultural significance, intersectional diversity, and play. Our zero waste grassroots organization affirms, networks, advocates for and shares plant knowledge with our marginalized population.

Our offerings are by and for People of Heritage, genderqueer, and low-income members of this community, and their Allies. All our offerings are ethically sourced, given freely, on a sliding scale, and/or trade based.

People of Heritage have family lineage originating from Afrika, the Middle East, Asia, South America, Turtle Island, and all other non-European descendants. Also known as People Of Colour and/or mixed folks.


Founding Executive


kuwa jasiri Indomela
the one/this one pronouns
Seed Steward.Wordsmith.Spiritual Tender

This one engages in international writing and speaking opportunities that affirm People Of Heritage. kuwa jasiri (first name) studied wild foods becoming inspired to apprentice with Midwife Daphne SingingTree at her home apothecary EagleTree Herbs. A graduate of the dynamic and ever evolving People Of Colour Herbal Freedom School where we center the wellness stories and medicines of Indigenous, Black, Brown, Two-Spirit, Trans, Genderqueer and gender variant communities. I am in much need of learning Seed stewardship from Indigenous folks. Next Spring I enroll in Seed Seva with Rowen White.

The one is immersed in Indigenous Solidarity efforts to add an apothecary section to the Diné General Store. kuwa jasiri is passionate about Seed stewardship and native Seed dispersal to offer wellness to the Land, Watershed and the Original Seedkeepers.

My version of Lift Every Voice And Sing, an anthem for the descendants of African slaves, which I am.

Our Location:              Nucchu Territory, Turtle Island           “Durango, Colorado”


Thank you for keeping track of us! We are always open to feedback. If there is anything you will like to let us know about: what we lack, what we excel at, programs to offer, how we are appropriating your culture, your perspective on the venues or collaborations we engage in future, past, present!

We are humbly grateful for you, and value what you have to express. Email us! Or we can meet for tea!

To reach our Digital Consultant email rmlibre@riseup.net

Our Law Firm is Legal Shield


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