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cropped-publishing-logo.jpgAn earth-based spiritual offering a variety of ancient practices in the form of multi-lingual publishing, programs, seed stewardship and medicine making. Our practice is dedicated to tending wounds, and bringing about harmony through personal, and collective transformation. Our offerings are by and for People of Heritage, genderqueer, and low-income members of this community, and their Allies. All our offerings are ethically sourced, and given freely, on a sliding scale, and/or trade based.

People of Heritage have family lineage originating from Afrika, the Middle East, Asia, South American, Turtle Island, and all other non-European descendants. Also known as People Of Colour.

Founding Director


kuwa jasiri Indomela
that one/this one pronouns

This one is a genderqueer community organizer, teaching workshops, offering care, event coordination, facilitating meetings, mediating conversations, meeting people where they are at, while becoming an advocate for the collective.

Completing Eagletree Herbs Herbal Midwifery Apprenticeship, People Of Heritage Herbal Freedom School with Toi Scott, Birthing From Within Childbirth Educator Trainings and programs with Wild Foods Educator Katrina Blair at Turtle Lake Refuge.

Additionally that one participates in Indigenous solidarity, while excelling at compassionate communication, and grassroots accountability processes that bring about equality. That one is co-founder of many Seed Lending Libraries, and other Nature Restoration Initiatives.

My version of Lift Every Voice And Sing, an anthem for the descendants of African slaves.

Our Location:              Nucchu Territory, Turtle Island           “Durango, Colorado”


Thank you for keeping track of us! We are always open to feedback. If there is anything you will like to let us know about: what we lack, what we excel at, programs to offer, how we are appropriating your culture, your perspective on the venues or collaborations we engage in future, past, present!

We are humbly grateful for you, and value what you have to express. Email us! Or we can meet for tea!

Our Law Firm is Legal Shield


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