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____________________WRITINGS BY___________________

Hibisco_public figure

kuwa jasiri Indomela
pronouns: this one/the one

kuwa jasiri (first name) is a genderqueer, multi-lingual Ghanaian artistic community organizer who, since 2009, educates internationally through zines, writing, Seeds stewardship, and majik. Featured in Art For Ourselves, EarthFirst! and Seed Broadcast Journals. You can find this one engaging in cultural remembering, while organizing affinity gatherings that allow us the space we deserve.

__________ REVIEWS, INTERVIEWS AND VIDEOS___________

by: Sidney Drmay of Broken Pencil

—> Zine Maker Interview By: Angi Brzycki, Librarian III

—> Community Zines Video by: kuwa jasiri Indomela

—> Wild Wisdom bY: Nyx of Sea Green Zines unwrap our package starting minute 24:21 and review in blog.

__________ ZINES AND SEEDS___________

—> Wild Wisdom
10 pages colour cover, $4.33/wholesale copy

wild wisdom coverWild Wisdom gives readers a easy-to-follow tutorial on how Nature grows, from reproductive cycles to pollinators and seed harvesting to plants natural process of restoration and beyond. Accompanied by educational illustrations and thoughtful notes to the reader like “You have value”, this zine is great for broadening understanding of the world of plants!

Table of Contents: Plant facts, Life Cycle from a Seed (Intelligent Waiting, Life Span, Anatomy of Plants, Pollinators, Seed Maturing, Seeds Dispersal), Natural Process of Restoration.

—> FIRST AIDE TO FACE ADVERSITY14 pages, images in color, $4.first aide cover33/copy

First Aide To Face Adversity is a labor of love co-created by an Herbalist and Street Medic. This beautifully illustrated zine is equal parts first aide primer, herbal reference guide, and personalized notebook featuring bilingual content with page numbers, medical terminology, anatomical and botanical guides in Spanish and English. Its decolonial narrative on health and wellbeing thankfully pries care work from the cold hands of industrialized, white medical hegemony and demands accountability and respect for indigenous practice and worldview.

– Nat, Appalachian Medical Solidarity collective member

Table of Contents: Scene Safety, Basic Wound Care, Burns, Blisters, Basic Splinting, Chemical Weapons, Plant Uses, Response In Español.

14 pages, some colour,  $5.33/wholesale copy

that is me coverBeautifully Brown, That Is Me is a sequel to Beautifully Brown, like me. That Is Me is a zine that showcases my transformation from hurt to worthy and finally displays Be Brave Art Show in all its glory. With the help of words and imagery I share my experiences living through racism, genderphobia and some ways we can better ourselves for the future.

Table Of Contents: Pronoun Poem, Cultural Appropriation Slam Poem, Be Brave Art Show

14 pages black/white, $3.88/copy

Diné Zine Cover in black and white of Katherine Smith. Her hair in a bun and her jaw resting on her clasped hands adorned with a large ring
Diné Zine Cover

Diné: Our Survival Is Bound To Theirs is a curated collection of articles and other resources combined to tell the story of the Diné/Dineh/Navajo people and their ongoing resistance to preserve their culture and way of life. These traditional people live around the four corners region across many colonized state lines. Learn their stories of resistance against industry and government. Moving and raw, this is a reminder of how our survival is intertwined.

Table of Contents: Introduction, Language, Part Of Creation Story, Way Of Living, Resistance Against Industry/Government, Concerns Of The People, Support Needed To Revive A Nation, Diné Bizaad (traditional language) Glossary

→Sacred Land: Diné Supporters Network    14 pages, some colour, $4.88/ copy

Zine cover of Sacred Land. thick brown-red outline drawing of Roberta Blackgoat is center right aftont a bobwire fence and Big Mountain. Rena Babbit Lane arms wide displays her hand woven rug.
Zine cover of Sacred Land

This zine is a how to for folks interested in becoming regular supporters at Black Mesa on the Diné Reservation. Narration though the lens of supporters, this zine contains the story of resistance for the last 60 years, stories by supporters, the return of Diné youth, styles of support, and a supporter connection directory. This zine pairs well with Diné: Our Survival Is Bound To Theirs and Sheepherders Almanac 3.

Table of Contents: Welcome, Lay Of The Land, support request, intentions & expectations, becoming and previous supporters from 1977-2020, finding my place article, native plants, herbal medicine, equity sharing, what to bring or how to aide from home, groups, organizations and initatives, Dine Bizaad traditional language, additional literature, Leonard Peltier, resources, part of my network

Seed Keeping Features 3 collaged Baobab trees and a sprouting Seed in full colour→Seed Keeping    14 black/white pages, $5.33/ copy

This zine is an invitation for folks to return to the traditional ways of Seed Keeping. A gateway to reclaim this practice as collective liberation. A love letter to our Ancestral legacies including plants. A message to learn, spread and carry the sacred. A Playful zine that explores the intersections of social and environmental.

Table Of Contents: Welcome, Facts, COntaimination, Sovereignty, Importance, Relationships, “Invasives”, Life Cycles, Plant and Harvest by the Moon, Colour & Play, Anatomy, Saving Seeds, Traditions & Stories, *Diversity, *Patents, What to grow, Cherry Game, Wisdom of Seeds, Reflections, Seed Companies, Sacred Education, BEnefit Sharing

HOW TO MAKE AND USE HERBAL MEDICINE   4 black/white pages, $1.88/ copy

Nature Based Self Care

A basic outline of non-appropriative modalities that will offer care for your mind, body, and soul. Techniques that you can easily do at your home, in the community, and with love ones. Practices safe for Elders and youth.

Table Of Contents: Vinegar Tinctures, Topical Ointments, Powders,  Dehydrated Herbs, Herbal Sprays, Dental

SELF-CARE: THE ONLY WAY IS THROUGH 14 pages, colour cover, 4.33$/copy

self care zine cover

An outline of liberatory processes designed to nourish, build self-esteem and gain tangible skills to tend our wounds. A relate-able tutorial for the emotions, spirit and release of trauma. Covering a range of topics from responding to microaggressions to tracking patterns.

Table Of Contents: Welcome, Ancestral Greatness, Emotional Support, Boundaries, Grief, Spiritual Growth, Physical Therapy, Routine, Feelings and Needs, Conflict Resolution, Reflection Questions

BIRDS, BEES AND BEYOND    10 pages, full colour, 5.33$/copy

pollinator zine coverOriginally made for Mural Arts Pollinator Programs. Adapted for our use this zine is a basic interpretation of Pollinators and their vital role in our ecosystem.

Table Of Contents: Various Types, Contributions, How Pollination Happens, Relationships, Natural Corridors colouring page, Endangered, Extiniction

→COME OUT, COME OUT! AS WHAT?! 1/2 page, black and white, 1$/ 2copiesgenderqueer-cover.jpg

This is a personal zine about my genderqueer identities and the long journey of getting to know Self. Zine is 2 x 3 inches.

Table Of Contents: Age ranges with identities listed.


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