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Emergency Response

Nature Based Self CareBeauties,

May our Ancestry be present as we transition inwards.

Authentic Self Meditation

Moon Phase: Waning Moon
Sun Phase: after Spring Equinox

As the great Grace Lee Boggs taught us, “The Only Way to Survive Is by Taking Care of One Another.”

Music: Shine your light we are equal, have hope! and Climb, you were born to win! with ancient knowledge, Remember who we are! perhaps learn from our mistakes. Shake it! because we royals! Although we still need a miracle.

first aide cover

For us, People Of Heritage (Of Colour), our Ancestry was intentionally exposed to viruses and experimental testing disguised as health care and peace offerings. For us this moment can feel triggering, bring up ancestral trauma and cause distrust. To add to our suffering we live within a toxic individualistic society that has lost concern for collective care.

As for us, collective care is at our core. We are updating our GoFundMe to reflect the needs of our community in this moment especially those infected with the virus, our elders, immune compromised and houseless. Please donate if possible.

For folks part of our community we are having one-to-one conversations about needs and working to fill them. At this moment assistance is organic food, herbal medicine, cultural Seeds and hygiene supply based. If we can fundraise more we will forgive microloans or give out cash.

plus zines

Cling to your truth. Some ways to decolonize this moment.
PRAY: light a candle, build an altar, be spiritual, commune with Ancestry, ground, meditate, body movement, rituals.
Use Traditional Medicines and Knowledge: we are survivors. Turn to your ancestry and cultural practices to support your emotions and immune system.
Build Lasting Community: get to know those most vulnerable and become part of their network. Figure out strategies and ACT. Grow a plant they are our allies!
Go outside: Which is the safest place with Sunshine, dirt and Tree freshened Air. Deep into Nature, a backyard or community park! garden!
Meet up: (what?!?!) yes, groups of 10 OR LESS with physical distancing (6-8 feet) and hygiene are necessary for us as social creatures and to give/receive care of our most vulnerable. Especially if we meet up outside. Total isolation is a privilege.

(give and receive at these links)

Research some local bulk food distributors to meet your dried food needs at an affordable cost, these vary by region.

Interrupting Racism and Bias
Some facts about this virus also available in español
Decolonize Community Care (template for this newsletter)
Swift response critical

Safety Practices
Self Care
Multicultural Children Books

Emotional Support
Navigating Relationship Safety
Abusive Relationship resources (has hotline)
Free Wellnes by Q.T.P.O.C. (instagram) or website
P.O.C. Healers

Herbal Medicine
Resilience is in our blood article
Wild Weeds (store)
Starwest Botanicals (store)
Herbalist Viral respiratory recommendations
Indigenous made herbal-resilience-guide


Free permaculture courses
African Diaspora collection of Seeds (store)
Native Seeds (store)
Seeds and their people(radio show)
Food & Land Sovereignty Resource List
Ask A Sista Farmer

Mutual Aide
Multilingual Resources and these
Mutual Aide Disaster Relief:  News  — Supply List
Front Range Mutual Aid Network (occupied Colorado) plus request form
Denver community Mutual aide
List of resources 1 and 2
For Indigenous Folks
Collective Care by colonized state
Trans folks

Relief Funds
many more in the above documents

Arts and Culture Leaders of Color Emergency Fund
Indigenous Folks To Support
Financial solidarity for artists
Artists relief tree (facebook) website
Freelance artist resources
Queer and Trans in gig economy (Twitter)
Immune compromised folks
LGBTQ2S artists, performers and tip based workers
Queer Writers of color to give
General freelancers
Small businesses
Colorado Artist Talents and Skills

Dismantling Tactic


Thank you for valuing People Of Heritage and the work we do to keep our community in wellness. Donations are matched dollar for dollar and go towards cultural revitalization and spiritual tending.

Apprentice Sarang Yoon

Beauties, cropped-publishing-logo.jpg

May ease guide you.

Moon Phase: Waning Moon
Sun Phase: after Spring Equinox

As most of you know, we have an Apprenticeship program that has over the decade had 21 youth and 5 older folks participate in our program.

Currently we have Sarang Yoon in our program. sarangHello! My name is Sarang Yoon and I am a senior at the University of San Francisco studying International Studies and minoring in Asian Studies. I was born and raised in [so called] Saint Louis, MO until I was 18 years old. Then I studied in San Francisco and [this] is where I am currently. I have four siblings- two who are older and two who are younger- I am the middle child. My mother is from Okinawa, Japan and my father is from Seoul, South Korea. They both immigrated to the United States in their early twenties. I also have two adorable dogs back at home with my family, their names are Coco (tan) and Pumpkin (cream).

I love to draw, read, and take walks in Nature during my spare time. I also love dogs and food, especially trying new foods. I am enthusiastic, am a quick learner, organized, work well with others, and I can speak Japanese and French. From this experience, I hope to help spread the mission of Authentic Creations Publishing Apothecary by spreading the wisdom of Seeds through tending the wounds of People Of Heritage and their land.

I feel motivated and I care about doing my best!


Create 2 self affirmations!

What learning program do you have interest in participating in?


Thank you for valuing People Of Heritage and the work we do to keep our community in wellness. Donations are matched dollar for dollar and go towards cultural revitalization and spiritual tending.

Interviews and Features

_20190630_065035Hujambo Uzuri,

Last Winter was full of folks asking us for interviewsDiné Cover. Take a deep breathe and find out more about us!

Moon Phase: Waning Moon approaching Half
Sun Phase: before Spring Equinox

Angi Brzycki a Librarian at the Los Angeles Public Library did an interview with me as a zine maker.

Sidney Drmay did an review of my curated zine Dine’ Our Survival Is Bound To Theirs.

emerging flyer

See Beautiful, a potential  funder, blogged about both Authentic Creations and our upcoming Liberatory Camp Emerging Together, whose registration is currently open!

Stay tuned for interviews and features with Jefferson County Anti-Racist Fund, and those from Emerging Together co-organizers.


How can you showcase the talents of your community?

How can you amplify marginalized stories?


Thank you for valuing People Of Heritage and the work we do to keep our community in wellness. Donations are matched dollar for dollar and go towards cultural revitalization and spiritual tending.

Emerging Together Camp Invitation


May your season be full of truth.

This is an introduction of Emerging Together. We are a collective with a mission to create affinity spaces that center and tend the wounds of Activists of Heritage (Of Colour) through re-emergence. We honour cultural engagement, intersectionality and inclusivity while supporting art, rituals, collective care, mental health, and Nature gatherings – while building mutual aide networks for our under-represented community.

by us, for us
This is an invitation to our Liberatory Art and Majik Camp. Which is a one of a kind, multi-day, capacity building outdoor gathering for regenerative embodiment, mental health tending, networking, and creativity that is curated BY US, FOR US. It will be held from July 2 – 7, 2020 in the Pacific Northwest.  Our goal is to serve 15 people doing critical work within the Environmental and Social Justice movements through our programming and services.


Check out our website for more details including an interview with an organizer, resources, donate and registration.




Thank you for valuing People Of Heritage and the work we do to keep our community in wellness. Donations are matched dollar for dollar and go towards cultural revitalization and spiritual tending.

People of Heritage have family lineage originating from Afrika, the Middle East, Asia, South America, Turtle Island, all other non-European descendants and biracial folks. Also referred as People of Colour.

Annual Reporting

annual reports


Love the skin you are in. And a song to support your journey of sovereign-self-realization.

The New Moon is today! bask in all the glory, go inward!

2018-2019 was eventful. It also ends our 9th year of programming! wow!

We supported 250 Families and People Of Heritage with 63 pounds of Seeds, 640 ounces of herbal medicine, 240 Zines and 4 Cultural Celebrations.

For the full report visit: 2018-2019 annual report and our budget for Fiscal Year 2018-2019

We are so grateful to continue this work and have this strong vibrant network with you! Let us move forward boldly.


What makes you feel beautiful?

what did you and your ancestry have/had to rebel against?

What makes you angry?

You can always email me your reflection responses and I will share them here



Thank you so much for following this blog and our programs over the Sun cycle(s). We are truly blessed as we move forward.

This is our 10th year of programming. For all you who do not know, I began this organization with Indigenous Solidarity work and a focus on herbal medicine.

Now we are evolving our programs to focus more on writing, printmaking zines, theatre, indigenous foods, affinity gatherings and of course all while spreading the wisdom of Seeds.

You will find changes sprouting up on our website and perhaps links you use to use are no longer. All apart of our process.

I am thrilled that the Sun is returning and the night waning. Thank you for your support. Keep vigil as updates post up.


Sending you warmth!


Winter begins!


In my spiritual tradition, Winter begins November 1st! Now we descend into darkness when I believe the veil between us and the spirit world is the thinnest. Lots of cultures are using this season to honour our deep connections to the spirit realm and Ancestry.



Some images from Indigenous Peoples Day.

How to align with season:
~Go Inward
~Deep Reflection
~Honoring Elders

Seasonal Reading List: Believe In The Corn By: RObert Mirabal and Nelson  Zink

A Music Playlist that my Seed Buddy and I made up!

Pura Fe’: Sacred Seed
Drezus: Get Up!
Ruby Ibarra: Us
Princess Nokia: Brujas
Shensea: Blessings
Kim Mortal: Sad Femme Club
Ciara: Level Up
Tobe Nwigwe: Shine
Nitty Scott: La Diaspora

if you all want to share any music with us please do!

oh yes, my Ancestry sent me to a pale cis-men led Seed School, wait….???! As you may know, when you are summoned, you respond. So I did. I met some Phillipines and an Omaha Indigenous mother. Oooh! So… we infiltrated. Ah! I will take mine with tea! you know i be celebrating!

This is my 4th event with the intent to make space for our people. 3rd success. And I pushed further than ever. Much gratitude to the 5 People Of Heritage in the course and our will and determination to work together towards victory! Wondering how to share the Art of Infiltration with the world. You know I am always leveling up! I wish the same for you while doing this potent work!

Just finished my first contacted zine in full colour about Pollinators. Another celebration!

IMG_20191020_085640.jpg       pollinator zine coverIMG_20191020_090107.jpgemerging flyer.jpg

Emerging Together
Stay in the loop!

We leave this afternoon for the Organizing Retreat!! We have plans to confirm the venue. This is the third venue we are scouting –> send us prayers for pale folks that are fighting the whiteness and making space for us.

We are reaching out to Indigenous Foods Chefs so we can get our Ancestral grub on and Together For Brothers a young men of colour group to faciliate on toxic masculinaty and The Return Of Our Men.

This event is by invite only. So please spread the word to those you love and those you admire and those you wish rest upon.


Keep celebrating!! Scotch Porter an African descendant owned business, Calvin Quallis, sent us 53 pounds of hygiene for our Sustainable Care Packges that go to Indigenous Dine’ families resisting forced relocation by Peabody Coal and the government. Huge thank you to them for prepackaging 40 bags with bar soap, hair care, face wash, and wipes.

scotchporter donation.jpg

We are perpetually fundraising. Our gofundme is at 1,038$. Huge thank you to the community!! Check out our newest campaign, which goes live on 11/15 and SeedMoney is offering grants based on funds raised.

The Youth Of Colour in our community we celeberate annually at a beginning of Summer Block Party and we made a video to share the love.

wild wisdom cover

We are revamping our ZINES AND SEEDS collection. We have a new zine review for Wild Wisdom. Check out Nyx of Sea Green Zines unwrap our package starting minute 24:21 and review in blog.

first aide coverFirst Aide to Fight Adversity zine is a labor of love co-created by an herbalist and the Rosehip Medic Collective. This beautifully illustrated and updated zine is equal parts first aide primer, herbal reference guide, and personalized notebook featuring bilingual content with page numbers, medical terminology, anatomical and botanical guides in Spanish and English. First Aide to Fight Adversity is a tender and excellent introduction to the knowledge and ethics of those who seek to provide care to others in these dark times. Its decolonial narrative on health and wellbeing thankfully pries care work from the cold hands of industrialized, white medical hegemony and demands accountability and respect for indigenous practice and worldview. Our collective, Appalachian Medical Solidarity, is excited to offer Indomela’s zine as supplemental material to our first aide and street medic training courses. As always, with any specialized knowledge, please seek the instruction of trained and vetted healers before performing first aide, always work within your skill set, and above all: Do No Harm. – Nat, AMS collective member”

What is next on your self-care list? Do It. Did It. Deserve It.