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Our Transition To Accessible Zines

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Beautiful Beings,

Moon Phase: Waning Moon Sun Phase: after Winter Solstice
Braille Institute Student Zines
Moment of Silence for the Trees!

Through the art of storytelling we curate educational zines about our natural rhythms, rematriation, reparations, collective land use and Indigenous stewardship. With the each one, teach one model zines are distributed freely during our programs.

We are so grateful to the TREES that have given their life so we can supply our community and the world with zines! In honour of the Trees and in an act of solidarity we are transitioning solely to zine based audio books, e-books and workshops both live and recorded via youtube.

Paper zines will still be available during our programs, for Patrons and at select online zine distros.

7 zines overlapping on a wood table

Build community, expand your knowledge, and support us by buying a zine! This is an offering that we encourage our Allies and Accomplices to purchase.

Learn more about working with us to create your own community zine!

 Sales go towards cultural revitalization and spiritual tending of marginalized ethnicities. Your investment is vital to keeping our community in rest. Thank you.

We have about 20 paper zines left at our online store before we transition fully to saving Trees, acknowledging our current economic reality and community accessibility! Zines contain a home-harvested Seed packet (unless shipping internationally). Wholesale pricing is discontined as we no longer supply paper zines for third party distribution.

on a wood floor there is 20 zines about decolonial and indigenous diets

With the saving of Trees does come the use of rare earth minerals found in electronics. We are using platforms that have open source + privacy software, ethical harvesting practices, accessibility, and inclusivity.


Stay tuned as we transition our zine offerings to audio books, e-books and full workshops! If these interest you contact us and be the FIRST TO KNOW.

Although new offerings will be listed on our blog and at our online store. We will begin the transition with e-books using Flipsnack then mp3 audio books followed by Youtube live workshops and concluding this process by translating our zines into Español.

____________________WRITINGS + WORKSHOPS + AUDIOS BY___________________

Hibisco_public figure

kuwa jasiri Indomela
pronouns: this one/the one

kuwa jasiri (first name) is a genderqueer, multi-lingual Ghanaian artistic community organizer who, since 2009, educates internationally through zines, writing, Seeds stewardship, and majik. You can find this one engaging in cultural remembering, while organizing affinity gatherings that allow us the space we deserve.

As always we value you!

Grieving As We Compost Emerging Together Event

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Beautiful Beings,

Moon Phase: New Moon Sun Phase: before Spring
On Grief, Land and Ritual By: Richael Faithful
Moment of Silence to gather spiritual items for this ceremony of letting go.

Large tree with eye leaves, woven roots and snake trunk. flanked by a Cresecent Moon and Sun. Says Emerging Together

A great loss occurred in tandem with coronavirus. We cancelled our much anticipated event, Emerging Together on the west coast.

With so many other people, events, opportunities and lifestyles we grieve and compost Emerging Together.

4 organizers bundled up with a shiny, blue sky in the background

Let us take a moment of silence to honour the labour and love that went into planning this event.

Let us take a moment of silence for the missed connections and community building due to cancellation of this event.

I am so sadened. also enlivened. Please offer yourself kind tenderness as you grieve and compost this experience.

Remember to REST and the importance of rest on our journey towards liberation.

As we witness the NEW MOON glory create some intentions for the next Moon cycle.

Mine are to assess my relationship to rest, journal more and be in Nature circadian!

As always we value you!

Accomplice?! Drop the performance…

peach circle holds a mature tree. Top: decolonization for european heritage. the roots ouline 6 courses of action


Beautiful Beings,

Moon Phase: New Moon Sun Phase: after Winter Solstice
Learn Your Story: Awakening the Horse People Patreon + Website
Moment of Silence to prepare for the difficult work you need to do.

I was unsure when to present this information and now seems fitting.

That I even have to create this post means you all are not doing enough of the work. We value you and know that you listen to us so here we go…

Are you a pale (white person) who unfriended or unfollowed people during this election cycle because they support racist ideas and racist candidates? or a cis-gender man who stopped interacting with coworkers or relatives because of their toxic misogyny? If you’re not engaging with them, who is influencing them now?

Please stay in those hard conversations; the world needs you to spend a lifetime unravelling these ideas from the people around you. Thanks for putting in the work

The story of occupied Turtle Island known as the United States of Amerikkka and Clanada is one marred by the oppression, rampant murder, malnutrition and displacement of indigenous people. In spite of attempts at their extinction, indigenous people continue living and carrying on generations’ of shared memory, knowledge, and trauma. There is a rich story of valiant indigenous resistance against colonizers, and there continues to be: we can look to the contemporary efforts by Mi’kmaq Lobstermen and the coalition around the Dakota Access Pipeline or to storic revolts like Pontiac’s War.

Brought to this land purely to labour are my people Africans. Initially kept slaving by overseers and slave catchers, those jobs shifted to vigilantes like the klu klux klan lynch mobs who became formalized by governments as the police with more recent attacks by the proud boys. We are still expected to labour low wage jobs, refuse mental health care and die in the streets as we protest these restless conditions. We too have strong platforms like the Underground Railroad, Malcom X, Black Panther Party, Black Lives Matter and Flip The Senate.

A forest background overlayed with White privilege challenge. the bottom of the image is lined with skeletons

WE NEED YOU! What can descendants of colonizers and European immigrants do to reckon with their story? How do we deal with living in the constructs of colonization; how do stop ourselves from inherently perpetuating these constructs?

This history is not your fault, but it is absolutely your responsibility.” A story of colonization exists and persists all around us. In this Political Education piece, Nikki Sanchez discusses what colonization looks like and how it can be addressed through decolonization. An equitable and just future depends on the courage we show NOW. “Let us make our grandchildren proud!”

Also do the work within yourself and with other Accomplices. Building relationships among our Accomplices is soooooo vital to our movement. A strong Accomplice Netowrk is neccessary for liberation. Consider forming an Accomplice group, mens group or similar to get support and process these conversations and your internalized supremacy. Connect with folks redistributing resources, People Of Heritage led organizations, peace and justice centers and get on the frontlines.

Get creative NOT complacent.
Because complacency is a nasty privilege that can never aide us.

list of racial justice readings and training programs

Additional Resources

White Guilt Primer

Pleasure Surrender Of White Supremacy Podcast at For The Wild

meandwhitesupremacybook: A workbook specifically for pale folks that goes through different facets of white domination and ways we may be complicit in it

White Fragility Book Radical Dharma Book – this talks about using meditation to help deconstruct racist beliefs  

10 Books About RaceResource Generation: is a multiracial membership community of young people (18-35) with wealth and/or class privilege committed to the equitable distribution of wealth, land, and power.  

Racism Scale: Identify your own bias and help others explore theirs with this graduated scale.

Critical Resistance created Resources for Addressing Harm, Accountability, and Healing

Pushing Back Against Habits of White Supremacy During a Crisis

10 Ways to Support Afro-Americans

Best Cinema in 2020

Authentic Creations. A Hummingbird approached a flower


Beautiful Beings,

Moon Phase: Full Moon Sun Phase: after Winter Solstice
Our zine Sacred Land made S.A.P. Pressing Fave Zines of 2020 list
Moment of Silence for representation! May we experience ourselves in the wider world.

Habari Gani? I will make this quick as we are in the midst of Day 2 Kujichagulia of Kwanzaa.

" if you cut your chains you free yourself. If you cut your roots you die." African Proverb with chain image

Are you in need of cinema that represents our community and values? Me too. I am always on the hunt for such work and want to share this with you!

Most are from 2020 if not they are labeled with the year. These range in genres but most are light hearted, uplifting narratives. Please comment any others you have!!!! I need that. I will love to know what keeps your spirit high!

I am doing more research into cinema with exceptionally abled, differently abled, disabled and genderqueer leads. So stay tuned for those!

Broke Season 1

Tuca and Bertie Season 1

Masaba Masaba Season 1

Never Have I Ever Season 1

Kim’s Convenience Season 1-4

Sneaker Heads Season 1

Gentefied Season 1

Head Of State 2003 Movie

Undercover Brother 2002 Movie

The Lovebirds Movie

Craig Of The Creek Season 1-3

Black-ish Season 1-8
Magical Girl Friendship Squad Season 1

The Last Conception Movie

Over The Moon Movie

Knock Down The House Movie

Project Power Movie

Black Lightening Season 1-3

First Wives Club 2019 Season 1

Inside Out 2015 Movie

Just Wright Movie

See You Yesterday Movie

My Octopus Teacher Movie

Hidden Figures 2016 Movie

Sweet Vicious 2015 Season 1 – pale cis-women vigilantes that target sexual assailants.

Twenties Season 1

American Soul Season 1-2

Black and Privileged Volume 1

Pose Season 1-2

Black Is King Soundtrack Movie
Sammy Obeid Comedian

Nazeem Hussain Comedian
Comedy Hype Youtube Channel

Kit Yan Slam Poet

Correy Bell Comedian
Film and Democracy

As always we value you!